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(6.18 MB) Download Taimur ali khan की पॉपुलरिटी परेशान हुए Mom kareena kapoor और पापा Saif Ali Khan उठाया ये कदम

  December 07, 2018  ~    6.18 MB
Taimur ali khan की पॉपुलरिटी परेशान हुए Mom kareena kapoor और पापा Saif Ali Khan उठाया ये कदम




Nine-children of film stars are now media celebrities. Abhishek-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's daughter Aaradhya, Sanjay Dutt-Yajna's twin Ekera and Shahan, Shahrukh Khan-Gauri's son Abiram, Amir Khan-Kiran Rao's son Azad, Shahid Kapoor-Meera's daughter Meisha, Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor's son Timur is the super star of the social media, but the two-year-old Timur is at the peak of popularity. Saif Ali Khan had told in a TV show that there was a lot of demand for pictures of his younger son when news of Taimur-like dolls came to market in the last week.
Photos of Timur with media photographers, Paparaji buy people by giving up to 1500 rupees. Paparaji also affirms that Tanha Timur is a big celebrity of many A list actors in today's date and this has become a headache for Tamim's parents. Saif says that if his bus goes, he would make a copyright of the name of Timur. The situation is that paparazzi fully follow Timur's timing in Mumbai. They know the timing of leaving the house of Timur and going to school, coming from school. He knows who will come out with him if he comes to the family of Timur.
Gradually understanding, Timur has also started to recognize this photographer and he shakes hands by looking at them, hello says. Saif and Kareena consider it a threat bell and have appealed to the photographers to not follow their son and do not take pictures. But in demand of photographs of Timur in the media and social media, Pappaji calls himself a compulsion. There is no such day in Mumbai's English newspapers that there is no picture of Timur in any page three.
Tina Taimur goes where his videos are also made. Saif and Kareena could not stop anyone from clashing. Many of Timur's videos have become viral. Saif and Kareena are worried that their child will be able to grow in a smooth manner during this tight monitors. Would he have to send Timur to a boarding school at some secret place to give him normal life? Saif is ready to do this but Kareena's heart does not agree, but there is no way to save Timur Ali Khan from the cameras, parents are not currently seen.
Kareena says that now I can not keep this young girl locked in the lock. I want him to stay in the open, fly for life. Saif is satisfied with the fact that the photographer-Pappaji draws photographs of Timur from a distance and does not take aggressive stance on it. He also believes that people really love Timur, so he has so much discussion. Some people believe that the popularity of this little celebrity is a collision between Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir.

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